Perseverance Mars Rover Landing- Inside Story

Publisert 14. feb.. 2021
This will be cooler than the Super Bowl.

Watch the live stream replay -
Main rover landing page-
Cool rover interactive animation of the 7 mins of terror- 08:00 &rate=0
Spin the rover around in 3D-

Here is the video about why we should explore space even with problems here on Earth-

Music for the montage-

Explosions in the Sky
(Post-rock, four-member band from Texas.)

First Breath After Coma

Your Hand In Mine

Song at 11:21 - Bottles by A Shell in the Pit-


  • TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED!! WE ARE SAFE ON MARS! Congratulations to @NASA and humanity.

    • Great but what's the description

    • Hi

    • i dont get it. Why do they transfer co² to o² on mars and not on earth. we do need it more do we? (srry for bad english)

    • 3 months later i got it on my recomended

    • Yay

  • Mark's rover "hello? can someone hear me hello?"

  • My stepdaughter worked on the Mars Orbital Camera and subsequent Mars Global Surveyor that they shot off in the early 90s that took those fabulous photographs for 10 years. She graduated from Caltech and they had a part-time job for a new grad that turned into a several year long full-time job. It was great to follow the progress and when the first one shot off 3 pictures and then crashed - not their fault! - It was like losing a child in the family. But they had another one on the shelf and they sent it up and had great success with that. Fun fact: the Mars cameras were designed on 2 Mac Pluses! Yup.

  • That’s huge

  • The most forgotten rover: spirit

  • if only there were live on pluto

  • yaaaaaa gooooo NASA! WO

  • Zombie

  • Resources on earth are limited...sending so much Resources out of the earth might effect us

  • Hmm

  • Wall e I choose you to go on mars

  • i love ur vidoes

  • i love the 3d animation

  • D

  • Soory about your sky crane

  • I watched the launch from 10 miles away, you could only see the silhouette of the rocket, the best kind of launches


  • if anyone else also cried during the footage of curiosity touching mars. just wanna let you know. you are not alone

  • It’s so awesome to see an actual former engineer cover these sort of things. Thanks for sharing Mark!

  • went from working at nasa to making youtube videos kanda concerning

  • Has anybody noticed Mark Rober almost sounds like Mars Rover?

  • I was in drama club when the landing was going on 🥲

  • I’d love to watch Mark play Kerbal Space Program

  • Im kinda curious about the fallen brother in mars like spirit and opportunity rover will perseverance found his/she (bc i don't know if perseverance had a gender) fallen comrade im curious 🤔

  • rober originally got me to support nasa funding

  • Mars does have oxygen if it have water cuz water is clearly oxygen and hydrogen

  • Ngl I almost cried

  • I watched This live at school with my class it was exciting

  • Random thought nobody asked for: technically if you went on another planet and saw aliens, you would be the alien because it’s their planet!

  • im litteraly in a school looking at this lol

  • Humans are so cool

  • Mark Rober Channel is Like The Peak Of The Future

  • this video single handily made me wanna become a nasa engineer

  • Anyone else notice Mars rover and mark rober are 2 letters away from each other? No one? Just me?

  • It doesn't process till you see this how big these rovers really are

  • I bet the comment from nasa was the first comment on this vid

  • I wish this was a live stream

  • Yo

  • NASA loves blender. So proud of blender 3d

  • Via landed on Mars on my birthday

  • their able to control the rover from earth? for some reason i always thought it had a pre programed path i thought mars was to far and the signal wouldn't work my freaken wifi cuts off when im two rooms away

  • I love it

  • Whoah!!

  • I'm not crying you're crying

  • Wow, nature is amazing

  • I like cheese

  • Thank you for your effort and time

  • I love space !!!

  • Not alone there other rovers.


  • Mark Rober talking about Mars Rover 😃

  • This guy is so incredible. What makes him tick?

  • im gonna forever stay on earht. mainly bc i get emotionally attached too fast to everything i own

  • NASA's tech is literally out of this world

  • (Want to know a secret 🤫) what if I told you I stepped on mars

  • 6 months to go

  • Fun fact: the rover landed on my birthday

  • Isn't it like one of the few things that we have sent to any other planets?

  • I’m 12 and I wanna work at nasa now lmao

  • I wanna get to mars to get bars!

  • Spirit & Opportunity : did you forget about me? Mark rober : did not know about him

  • Too Easy!

  • 10:18 Schrodinger's rover

  • Mark Rober=Mars Rover

  • Make a thing that can hold the biscuit enogh in the tea that it gets wet but not too wet so it falls in the tea

  • Little did he know later in life he would make parkour for squriils

  • Hey Mark Rober I have a question with spirit and opportunity how did they find out they could keep it going for many SOLS? on Mars?? /I just wondered since you've worked at NASA Im a big fan of NASA !!

  • look at da boi shake

  • I could already see NASA making Martian colonies

  • Hmmm “Mars rover” sounds a bit like Mark rober

  • mars rover-mars rober

  • i couldn't help but tear up a little bit at the end

  • Im so intrested in space but im dislexic so i dont know how high my chances of getting in to nasa or space x are.

  • What if there existed a caveman type aliens on mars but i heard that there was water on venus

  • Cool

  • What about the spirit rover

  • RIP Rover Op. Never be forgeten

  • I can't keep count of high iq people in this video

  • Him saying "You could go to Mars" Me: Im 12 bro.

  • I think when the rover was about to land was like one of the most wholesome moment I have ever seen

  • This is the stuff that makes people wanna become astronaughts

  • Case

  • so inspirational


  • Mark Rober = Mars rover

  • Btw quad years before earth disappear

  • I have

  • Honestly that made me jump ngl

  • the last part made me cry 😢 it is happy tears 🥲


  • rewatched this video today and got chills once again even though its the middle of summer

  • That ending was an emotional roller coaster to say the least

  • My dream is to become a commercial pilot and plus i also love space things

  • Hi

  • Soo I want to ask something Soo you said that you use to work on NASA can I ask you if the moon landing is true?

  • What do all the people monitor when there is nothing to be done?


  • that rover is gonna get a big speeding ticket tho

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  • Mark rober? More like Mark Rover